The Bird Dog Monument
On February 21, 1996, the City of Union Springs and the Tourism Council of Bullock County dedicated this life-size bronze statue of an English Pointer. Sculpted by Bob Wehle, the monument pays tribute to the 11 men honored by the Bird Dog Field Trial Hall of Fame, to Bullock County's unexcelled upland game country and bird dogs, and to the men and women who participate in the sport of field trialing.

Located at the intersection of Prairie Street and Hardaway Avenue, the statue is situated atop an 8-foot-tall granite pillar. The names of eleven Bullock County residents who have been inducted into the Field Trial Hall of Fame are engraved on the south side of the monument. Donors, including some memorials by family members, are engraved on the north side of the monument.

Union Springs is known as the "Bird Dog Field Trial Capital of the World." Bird dog competitions, commonly known as Field Trials, both professional and amateur, date back to the early 1920s in Bullock County. While riding on horseback, dog handlers, judges, officials, and gallery follow the dogs that run along designated courses. It is permissible to follow on foot or horse-drawn wagon. Motorized vehicles are not allowed.
In 1951, the National Amateur Free-for-All was sanctioned and was held on the hunting preserve known as Sedgefield Plantation, an area of land that consists of approximately 14,000 acres. The acreage was combined in the latter years of the 1920s by the late L.B. Maytag who is known for his patented washing machines. There are several other game preserves in the county, ranging in size from a few hundred acres to the thousands.

The City of Union Springs welcomes many tourists during the annual event. For more info on local field trials click on this LINK.